90 DAYS TO GO: Sharing E-Session Moments

It’s 90 days to go before the  BIG DAY and we’re getting more excited as we plan the details!.. But sometimes even how much we plan things to be perfect, we really need to be ready for some unexpected things that come along the way. These “some unexpected things” may turn to be a “blessing in disguise”, if handled gracefully and patiently, or may turn you to be a bridezilla.

And speaking of plans that did not come as really planned..our prenup photo shoot is my share.. 🙂

Weeks before the schedule, we already planned what props to do and bring, the costume and accessories, the inspiration or the theme. For the props, I will order a personalized Coke (with our names written), bring 10 pieces of colorful and yummy cupcakes and will DIY the save the date props.

So here’s what happened during our e-session day!

1. I got so busy on my work weeks before the photo shoot that I forgot to follow-up my order for the personalized Coke. 😥 😦

2. We forgot to bring the cupcakes we bought! We’re suppose to use it as props for the SAVE THE DATE VIDEO, but we’re already halfway going to the location when we remembered it was left in the fridge. 😦

From Brownies Unlimited
From Brownies Unlimited

3. I forgot to bring the accessories! So we settled for our simple yet still beautiful clothes.. 🙂 😉

4. Although we brought with us the DIY Save the Date props, we still can’t use it since we don’t have the cupcakes to hold it. 😦

In short..half of the plan did not materialize! 😦

But the e-session must go on! We cannot afford to let some frustrations ruin the day! And we’re just glad that we chose to be calm, patient and enjoy the moment…less the original plans! 🙂

So here are some of the magical moments we had during that day! 🙂

DSC_1267  DSC_1246

DSC_1383  DSC_1424

DSC_1372  DSC_1851

DSC_1758  DSC_1730

DSC_1688  DSC_1673  DSC_1574  DSC_1471


For that, we would like to thank and commend Studio1 Photography for the wonderful and amazing photos! 🙂 🙂 😉



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