It’s Never Too Late To Say Thank You

Our Special Day will never be successful without the help and kindness of this people:

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The Church Where We Say “I DO”

I have found the one whom my soul loves – Song of Solomon 3:4

Since my hubby is a Christian, we first planned to have a garden wedding. We researched for a possible venue but later on hubby gave way by deciding to have our wedding in a Catholic church instead. 🙂 I really appreciate and love him more for what he did because I know such decision is not that easy. I know that it doesn’t matter where we tie the knot, as long as we love each other and Jesus will be the center of our’s all that matters!

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A Wedding With Personal Touch

Planning your own wedding is never an easy thing especially if you are also a busy working bride-to-be. And so I understand those who opt to hire for full/partial wedding coordination to make sure there is really somebody to look into the details of the whole wedding planning process. However, in my case, I believe that no matter how busy you are, you should still really find time to be on top of the whole planning process; after all it is nothing but your own wedding. I don’t say that asking for professional help is not a good thing. In fact, I still strongly recommend it to every bride-to-be. I myself chose to ask for the help of Simply Sparkle Events Management for their On-The-Day Coordination. And I really appreciate for their contribution and concern in making the whole thing easy, perfect and of course less costly as much as possible. And on the day of the wedding, they are the one who made things in control as according to what we had planned it to be.

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After Visit to Regina RICA

We come to realize and appreciate the true meaning of Holy Week when we learn how to accept our shortcomings and ask forgiveness for all the sins we have committed. And most of all, to forgive others who wronged and hurt us in one way or another, and love people even in his worst. After all, Jesus died for us because of his unconditional love for us. So let us celebrate not because of the goodness of this world but because of the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ who come to save all sinners like us! Happy Holy Week!

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