A Wedding With Personal Touch

Planning your own wedding is never an easy thing especially if you are also a busy working bride-to-be. And so I understand those who opt to hire for full/partial wedding coordination to make sure there is really somebody to look into the details of the whole wedding planning process. However, in my case, I believe that no matter how busy you are, you should still really find time to be on top of the whole planning process; after all it is nothing but your own wedding. I don’t say that asking for professional help is not a good thing. In fact, I still strongly recommend it to every bride-to-be. I myself chose to ask for the help of Simply Sparkle Events Management for their On-The-Day Coordination. And I really appreciate for their contribution and concern in making the whole thing easy, perfect and of course less costly as much as possible. And on the day of the wedding, they are the one who made things in control as according to what we had planned it to be.

However, being a lover for arts and crafts, I cannot help myself but make sure that there is some personal touch in everything even on the smallest details. I don’t say that I’m an expert but I just want my wedding to be perfect. Not perfect in the real sense of it but perfect on how the way I look at it. Someday, I want to remember my own wedding as a very special day sharing with the most special people even if it’s not the grandest of all. And I can say that I’m more than lucky to have a partner whose there not just to support but most of all willing to involve himself into details just like I did. And so the DIYs became DITs thing.

The Wedding Bell Wands


DSC_0195I saw a sample in Pinterest and tried to do the same for the Big day! Hubby and I bought the materials from Divisoria: the tiny bells, wire strings and ribbons. While I’m in Region VI doing our audit, he patiently prepared the BBQ sticks (cut the pointed part). And together we made the wedding bell wands when I got home. 🙂

Initial Letter Blocks as Backdrop

I thought of this based on our initial wedding theme which is a Garden Wedding. At first we planned to have a garden wedding since my hubby is a baptized Christian. I was thinking of making a big initial letter blocks made of lots and lots of flowers for our backdrop. But in the end, hubby gave way and we finally decided to have a Catholic Church wedding – a Mixed Marriage though (how sweet of him :)). And so a lot of things changed. But I retain the idea of having the initial letter blocks. Only, it is no longer that super big and made of lots and lots (fresh) of flowers since I should be doing it in advance and fresh flowers are more costly. So hubby and I bought initial letters and flowers made from wood scraps in Divisioria. I glued the flowers to the initial letters and VIOLA!

DSC_0173 (2)

Kissing Bells

DSC_0014 (2)

Every time I attend a wedding party, the guests will bang glasses with spoons for the newly wed to kiss. And so I was thinking why not put a kissing bells ready on each tables for the guests to use and spare the fear of breaking glasses for the said banging of glasses. It is not just cute and more romantic, but also an additional décor to the tables. We also used this on our “Count The Kisses” game. Inspired by our final chosen theme – Music, Books & Movies (MBM), I put the following message in a mini book style (thanks to hubby for helping) 🙂

“Let the bells ring for they are husband and wife,

Ring out for joy for their new life,

Ring for laughter or ring for a kiss

And ring that this couple will always find bliss.”

 Personalized Guest Questionnaires

I personally love making scrapbooks and so making personalized guest questionnaires is one of the top in my DIY list. Others may think it’s so cheesy but who cares! It’s my wedding concept after all. (lol) But seriously, I love scrapbooks because it reminds me the treasures of my memories. The same thing, when I recall my own wedding someday, aside from watching videos and photos, I want to remember it thru the messages, opinions, words of wisdom, etc. written by the guests themselves. (cheesyna kung cheesy! hehehe) 🙂

3 7 9 10

Table Numbers/Names

DSC_0216 DSC_1010 I already posted a glimpse of these but still I want to show the finished and printed one.

Photobooth Backdrop

for photobooth backdrop 150321_200227 It’s was cross-finger and I was hoping that Studio1 will really use it on the Big day. And luckily they granted my request!

Additional Favors

Since only 75 pieces of souvenirs (small money tree) were included in the package of Ibarra’s Garden, we decided to buy an additional guest favors. However, the price of additional money tree is quite costly, we thought of an alternative. We initially planned for a CD containing our list of music but due to some reasons we ended up buying some wind chimes in Divisoria and put some additional decoration on it.

11082666_798723810176447_4370140072270739940_n - Copyour favor for the parents, wind chimes and fan with flowers for the parents



 10387632_10203367448418652_4066532044985324159_nThis is not actually pure DIY since we ordered it from Ms. Dianne Tan, but I consider it my favorite among all. I spent a lot of nights completing the concept and the wordings. And there were even times that we had an argument (hubby) because I kept on reminding him for the pictures of some of the entourage (we of course make up and kiss after a while :)). And because I love scrapbooks and one of the themes is Books, we chose for a personalized scrapbook style invitation. And big, big thanks to Ms. Dianne for making our dream invitation come true. It’s really worth the wait and everything! It’s perfect! One friend/officemate even said it’s like a souvenir already. I’m so proud of it because we really invested not just money but also patience, trust and confidence not just to Ms. Dianne but also to ourselves.

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