The Church Where We Say “I DO”

I have found the one whom my soul loves – Song of Solomon 3:4

Since my hubby is a Christian, we first planned to have a garden wedding. We researched for a possible venue but later on hubby gave way by deciding to have our wedding in a Catholic church instead. 🙂 I really appreciate and love him more for what he did because I know such decision is not that easy. I know that it doesn’t matter where we tie the knot, as long as we love each other and Jesus will be the center of our’s all that matters!

And so we end the hunting by choosing Archdiocesan Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Guia or mostly known as the Ermita Church! Ermita Church is not as big and elegant as Manila Cathedral or San Agustin Church or other church, but we chose to say I Do here because of the following reasons:

  1. I regularly attend Sunday Mass in this church.
  2. It is just enough for the number of guests we planned to have.
  3. The sound system is clear.
  4. It is affordable.
  5. It is just near and accessible to most of our guests.
  6. Since I usually attend Sunday Mass here, I know very well how very good the priests here in giving homily…and that’s the most important thing we want to consider. And true enough, the homily was really the best!


And because nothing is really perfect, the only dislike I can say about Ermita Church is their Coordinator or personnel-in-charge of weddings. 😦

Our sad and disappointing experience with the unnamed coordinator are the following:

  1. We took a leave from work to attend our scheduled Pre-Canonical Interview just to learn that she moved us to other schedule without informing us.
  2. Since ours was a mixed marriage, we need to file for approval a “Promise for Mixed Marriage Form” to the Chancery Office Arzobispado de Manila. She gave us a list of requirements we need to secure but it turned out lacking of hubby’s certification from their Pastor…so we need to go back!
  3. She told us to bring witnesses with us when we go the Arzobispado and so we asked two of our friends (one left her works behind) to come with us, but when we get there, they were not actually needed.
  4. She was so strict during the wedding day that she no longer allowed us to finish the picture-taking based on our prepared list. We asked for her consideration since we want to have at least a picture with our relatives, especially those who came from far-away provinces just to attend our wedding but she was inconsiderate. So in short we didn’t have proper pictures with our relatives and friends inside the church! She insisted that we really need to go out of the church because they will be closing it, even if the next Mass will be on the next hour. I know they have the rules to follow, but this kind of event does not happen everyday. There is nothing wrong to give a little consideration especially if nothing will be badly affected anyway. 

Nevertheless, in times like this, we need to enjoy the moment and won’t let anything like this ruin the celebration. And so as they say… “All’s well that ends well”! 🙂  


Officially Mr. & Mrs. Domingo! 🙂

the first kiss as husband and wife…

with Rev. Father Joel Rescober…


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