Life is never perfect! It will never be as great as we always want it to be. There will always be problems, frustrations, imperfections and challenges along the way, and its already part of surviving. And as we face everyday challenges, stress is our normal physical and psychological response. It is our body’s way of protection and help us stay focus, energetic and alert to situations. But at certain point, it stops being helpful and start causing damage to our health, mood, productivity and quality of life. Since it is impossible to fully eliminate all the stress, it is at least we target to minimize the stressors in our life and deal properly with the stress we are currently experiencing.

Now what is a stressor? A stressor is a condition, event, stimulus or anything that causes the release of stress hormones in our body? Stressors may sometimes be in a form of job demands, conflicts, hectic schedule, unhealthy habits, disappointments and deprivation.

But what if the main stressor you face everyday is your boss? You used to have a good working environment, friendship or even family relationship with colleagues, good work accomplishments, then suddenly, shaken by a very stressful new boss. Then how are you gonna deal with that?

Yes it is true that sometimes we have to face demanding and hard to deal bosses. It is normal and not new especially in this modern day pressures and challenges. But what if your boss becomes unrealistic and almost impossible to deal with? What if he/she wants you to do something which conflicts your reason and even so your principles. It is sometimes acceptable to do so much work when you know the right reason behind and the goal you all want to accomplish. But what if it’s already nonsense and you all want to explain yet he/she never listen even if you all have the point? What if that boss insist that you do something not right and you very well know how it will affect negatively yet in the end you can do nothing because he/she will not listen?

Sometimes it is easy to say “why not quit?”, “find another job” or “it’s not the only job in the world”. Honestly, I’ve been thinking and considering it lately. But no! I realized that quitting right now is not the answer. If only this is any other job maybe its the right thing to do. But this is government service! If all people working in the government think and work the way he/she is, then what will happen to the next years to come?

Some people especially in the private sector think negatively on those working in the government. And I cannot fully blame them for most of the times government agencies were governed politically. I too feel ashamed for those people who just got their positions just because of their so-called relations with those in power even if they are not actually deserving. And I also feel sick for those who try to work hard just to please those in power thinking and aiming for personal gains. But more so, I feel sorry for those who work hard and try to do anything even to the point of concealing the truth just because they are too scared that those in power will get angry after hearing the negative reports. Now I wonder what’s really our goal. Isn’t it our role as government workers to take patiently and transparently both the negative and positive reports for us to evaluate and do something to correct the negatives. In that manner, we can fully accomplish our objectives in the government as a whole. (Ooopps, got carried away!)

Well back to the main subject, how can we really deal with stressful work environment, or specifically, stressful boss? I actually don’t know.  As of now, we deal our stress with a strong support network, sense of control, sense of humor and somehow positive outlook. We have our supportive friends and family members who never get tired of listening to our share of stories. We grouped ourselves during meals and snacks while sharing our sentiments (normal stress release of Filipinos – but the side effect is you tend to spend much the usual and gain more weight :)). And most of all, we pray that sooner or later, we’ll be bless with another “reasonable” boss. 🙂 🙂 🙂  Hope so! 🙂

How about you? Do you have your own story of dealing with everyday stressors? Share it with us and maybe we can help each other with the proper dealing of stress.

P.s. Tamaan wag magalit! This is not a black propaganda! This is just a personal way of releasing stress and sharing personal opinion. I believe and hope this will not be of any public damage.


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  1. great post ms. michelle and so relatable!
    it is true that we survive because we have great relationships at the office. that’s prolly a huge reason why we have stayed for so long.
    talking with friends eases the burden. i usually do graphics work when i am stressed out.


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