Prayer to Have a Baby

My husband and I are trying for months to have a baby. And since I have a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, we seek for medical help. Every night I pray to God that He will grant our desire to have a baby and that He will continue to touch the hands and enlighten the minds of our OB/GYN to show us concern, give advice and help us conceive a baby.

But then one morning, I was so disappointed with my OB/GYN at Manila Doctors Hospital when I texted her some inquiry regarding follicular monitoring she scheduled me and she replied: “Do not text or call me. I prefer personal consultation.” I understand that doctor’s consultation comes with a fee but is it too much for them to give some consideration and be concern to their patients. What if it’s an emergency? Sad that it’s so seldom now we find doctors who are true to their profession and are willing to let go a few bucks for the sake of kindness and compassion.

To cut it short, I tried to browse the internet to search for a (new) good and kind OB/GYN. But what I stumbled upon is this beautiful and inspiring prayer which I cannot help but repost.

A Prayer to Conceive

Source: Baby and Bump

Father, I thank you that children are the heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Children are Your idea, Father, You thought up children, and family, and home. You instituted the family in the Garden of Eden. You ordered children; You commanded them when you said to Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply.” You said that the barren womb is never satisfied.

Lord, the Word declares that I am wonderfully and fearfully made by You, therefore, I’m perfect and able to conceive and have children. You said that I would be a fruitful vine by the side of our house and our children like olive plants around our table, I am not ashamed but happy because our quiver is full of children (or arrows, as You call them).

Thank You Father, that You designed and fashioned me, to have children. That in the Bible barrenness was an exception, not the rule, not Your will, not normal, something against Your plan and purpose. And in Your goodness and faithfulness every barren woman in the Bible who was godly and believed Your Word became pregnant. You opened her womb and bless her, and she gave birth to a precious baby just as I will. You make the barren woman to keep a house and to be joyful mother of children.

You said, Father, that because You are our God and we are Your people and we have a covenant with You, that You will love us and bless us and multiply us and bless the fruit of my womb and that neither male nor female among Your people would be barren.

Father, we are redeemed from the curse of the Law by Jesus, and being barren is under the curse of the Law, therefore, we will receive from Your grace and have children.

Father, no plague, no evil shall come near our dwelling. I am healed by the stripes of Jesus. Sickness of any kind is taken out of my midst. You said to ask anything of You in Jesus’ name and it will be done, and that if the two of us or either agree as touching anything, it would be done. So I pray and I agree with You and Your Word, Father, that I will conceive and bring forth a healthy, precious baby to Your glory and honor. I pray all this according to Your Word and will. You said, this is the confidence that I have in You, that if I ask anything according to Your will, You hear me, and if You hear me, I know I have the petition I desire of You, I have it now. Thank you, Father, in Jesus’ name.

Now, talk to your body.

Body, I speak to you in Jesus’ name. You will come in line and agreement with the Word of God. You will respond to His Holy Word. You will function properly, the way God intended you to. Every part, every organ of my reproductive system conforms to the Word and plan of God as me and my husband come together in pure, marital love.

Body, conceive! Be pregnant. Cooperate with God’s plan, perfect ovulation, release of perfect eggs from the ovaries, through the Fallopian tubes, penetrated and impregnated, fertilized by a healthy sperm. Good solid attachment to uterine wall and nourished and protected for nine months (40 weeks) unharmed and unhindered. Grow to a perfect baby, spirit, soul, and body.

Your Word says, Father, that none shall cast their young, nor be barren among Your people and the number of our days You will fulfil. This pregnancy will be fulfilled. We decree it in Jesus’ name and receive God’s best, we won’t settle for anything less in Jesus’ Holy name. Thank You, Lord, that it is so and done to Your honor and Glory. Amen.     

As I will include this to my daily prayer, I hope to inspire this prayer to other women out there who are praying to have a baby of their own.   


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3 thoughts on “Prayer to Have a Baby”

  1. I love this – your story, the prayer, your belief in the power of prayer, the whole thing. I know this is an old post so I’m not sure what the status is now, but I know God has answered your prayer will be praying along with you for manifestation and grace!. God has placed a burden on my heart for women longing to be mothers and I will DEFINITELY be adding these powerful words to my prayers for you and others. Be blessed sister!


    1. Hi Natalie! Thank you for the prayers and everything. I really appreciate it! We are still in the waiting stage until now but I know God has reasons and perfect timing for everything. God bless you also!


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