Feel Good at Subi-Monte Cafe

I’ve been eyeing to dine there every time hubby and I passed by this eye catching café.  I even search it to the internet. And what I read just add to my curiosity. It says that Subi-Monte are Chabakano words which means “akyat-bundok” (climb-mountain) and that Subi-Monte is originally a group of mountaineers from Cavite City that started to climb mountains in 2004 and later invested in a food business. I told hubby what I found out (sort of parinig ba hehehe).  And so to cut the story short…he brought me there during our monthsary as bf/gf (we still celebrate it para maraming reasons to be happy hehehe).

So here’s what we ordered.

For hubby: Pasta and Chix Combo (Creamy Carbonara – P149) and Subi-Montea in Milk with Blueberry flavour – P89



For me: Pasta and Chix Combo (Pesto Legaspi – P149) and Subi-Montea in Yogurt with Strawberry flavour – P109



We also ordered Fish and Fries – P99


The verdict:

  • Food : yummy, fulfilling, great!
  • Service: the staff are very polite and attentive…very good!
  • Ambiance: chillaxing, nice
  • Value: very affordable

Plus points:

  • With free Wi-Fi
  • Offerings are named after Philippine mountains…cool!
  • For mountaineers delight, there’s a mountaineer shop outside.

 Will definitely be back next time.

Gracias por leer!


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Subi-Monte Cafe
Centennial Road, Kawit
Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (6346) 402-3759


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