Sit Back and Relax: We’re in Lilom Resort and Gallery Café!

I was just reading the great reviews a month ago, and finally I have now my own share of experience of what it’s like to feel the peacefulness and wonders of nature around Lilom Resort. Yes, we booked a room too in Lilom just last weekend! What’s the reason? – Hmmm…just to escape the stressful city life (including work and most especially the nearly hopeless traffic in the metro) even just for a while. And well of course, to work for our long awaited baby project, in God’s willing. And what I can say of the place? It’s beyond great and wonderful! Whatever exact word it is…I don’t know!



Lilom Resort and Gallery Café is a small, homey, family-run resort located in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas. It has only seven kubo-styled rooms (Satcho, Butanding, Paraw, Kubo, Capiz, Pawikan and Tuko) so they do not accommodate walk-ins. All, except Kubo and Capiz, has its own hammock perfect for chilling out. The price is Php2,800/head/night, except for Satcho which is priced Php3,300/head/night,  inclusive of lunch, dinner, breakfast, afternoon snack and sunset cocktails. Yes you can enjoy watching sunset while sipping the best mojito. And not just that! You also have your welcome drinks while you wow yourself in taking pictures on the enchanting surroundings even if you have just arrived.

And by the way, Lilom in local dialect means “under the shade”. But in my opinion, I also associate the place to “hilom”. “Hilom” because in our visayan dialect in means quiet. The place is so serene and you can really relax. Also in Filipino,“hilom” means healing of wounds. So if you need a place to mend a broken heart, Lilom is also the best place to go. Just saying!..hehehe

our welcome drinks
(Rooms from L-R) Pawikan, Tuko, Kubo and Capiz
dining area





Lilom Resort is really worth recommending! And I can personally attest to it.

After enjoying our welcome drinks and taking pictures, we checked in to our room Tuko. Once we get inside, we were welcomed by the two cute tuko in our bed. We loved our room because it is spacious and cozy.


our room – Tuko!

the two tuko welcomed us in our bed…

look at the shower above…isn’t it amazing? 🙂 

We just put our things inside then we were already told that lunch is ready. And the food? Sooo yummy and you can really forget your diet! We had Chicken, Fish Kebabs, Ginataang gulay and fresh mango for dessert.


the buffet area…
area for plates and utensils with their little honesty store above…

After lunch, we just lazed in the hammock then take a short nap later. At around 3 p.m. before we went for snorkeling, we  tried their French pressed coffee and Green Tea with Calamansi.

French Pressed Coffee and Green Tea with Calamansi

They also have some masks, snorkels, booties and life vests available for use, but it’s on a first come first served basis so if you have you can bring your own gear. In our case, we’re only few who checked in that day so we feel like the resort is just exclusive for us.

the wash area…

Then later, we were served with Suman and Hot Choco at their cute mini sunset pools. What a wonderful time!

Our afternoon snacks: Suman and Hot Choco….yum!


And just after we get dressed, we were again served with Mojito and Toasted Bread with Salsa. Then later the buffet dinner was served. Diet is not really welcome in Lilom! 🙂 Oh and how can I forget! We booked their traditional hilot massage for P450/head. That was really the best! Manang Arlene and ate Helen are guaranteed the best and most requested masseuse. We had the most good night sleep.

my mojito!
scrumptious dinner… 

The next morning we stroll the shore right away to welcome the sunshine.

our early morning visitor…
morning view from our room…



Then we enjoyed our delicious breakfast before we went for another snorkeling. Bad for us we don’t have an underwater camera. We enjoyed watching a lot of different colored fish and numbers of blue starfish.




We really enjoyed staying at Lilom Resort! I feel like I can leave there for a long time. Free from traffic…free from pollution…free from stress! The food is really great and the staff are really friendly and nice. We will definitely come back soon!


How to get to Lilom (taken from Lilom website):


Drive down South Superhighway all the way to STAR Tollway and take the last exit at Batangas City. At the traffic circle, go ‘straight’ and exit towards the Batangas Sea Port / Wilcon Builders. As you approach the flyover, keep right and take the underpass. Turn right heading towards Bauan.

Note: A short cut option, to avoid passing some towns would be, turn right on the first road after Wilcon Builders. This road is pretty narrow at times, even just one lane wide, but there are always people managing the traffic flow ( you are welcome to give them a few coins for the effort) . Follow this road , crossing a tiny intersection, still with people directing the one way flow of cars, until you hit the main national road again. You will be in San Pascual, there will be an Andoks to your right, a Caltex station right across. Turn right here, having avoided a few towns . Next town will be Bauan.

Turn right at the Jollibee and follow the one way road with the market on your left.  When you get to the main road again , keep right and drive on til you pass a bridge, see a Petron gas station on your right and the Bauan Hospital on your left . Make a sharp left after the hospital. (If you go straight that will take you to Taal and Lemery)

Drive on about 30 minutes until you reach the Mabini shrine and a fork on the road, turn right towards Anilao. Right before you approach Anilao Port and market, turn left and drive for about 9 kilometers to Lilom. NOTE: this would be a good point to call our staff to let them know you are near

Beach Carpark:

After the Bagalangit covered basketball court and chapel on the right, there is a narrow and twisty road that leads to the beach (you will see turn off signs for Arthurs Place and Crystal Blue resorts). You can carefully go down this road to the beach, keeping right on the fork until you reach the car park on the right. From here, there is a 250 meter walk on the stoney beach to Lilom. Our porters will assist you when you get here.

Hilltop Carpark:

Alternatively, if you drive past the basketball court, cross the San Teodoro welcome archway, in 200 meters’ you will see a small store and a white sign for Lilom. Someone will meet you here to let you know where to park, assuming you contacted our staff earlier. From here, there are about 220 steep steps going down under a canopy of trees that will lead you directly to Lilom. When you arrive during high tide, it is best to use this parking area. Please keep in mind if you are taking this parking option, you will of course have to climb up the same 220 steps to get to your car when you leave.


To commute:

  1. Take Batangas City / Batangas Pier busfrom Cubao (a lot of bus companies there) or Pasay City.
  2. Go down at the Batangas Central Terminal which is before you get to the flyover going to the Batangas Pier.
  3. Take a jeep to Mabini town(about 30 pesos), go down at the Mabini plaza / market.
  4. Take a tricycle to San Teodoro(price ranges from P150 to 250).
  5. Stairs down to Lilom will be about 25 meters after you pass the archway to San Teodoro. There will be a white Lilom sign to the right after a small sari sari store. Go down the gravel driveway and walk down to the resort, it’s about 250 steps under a canopy of trees.

As I have mentioned, they do not accept walk-ins so you have to book in advance thru their e-mail

We had a really wonderful time staying at Lilom and hope you can experience it yourself too!   


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