Mini Mermaid Memories Scrapbook and Little Mermaid Birthday Hat

I made these DIYs a month ago for my friend’s daughter’s Under the Sea Themed 1st Birthday. I actually almost forgot to include it here in my blog, but as I was browsing the pictures, I can’t help but remind myself to make time for it. So here they are!…

The Mini Mermaid Memories Scrapbook…..

My friend Ayrish asked me to make 30 pieces of these Mini Mermaid Memories Scrapbooks as one of her daughter’s birthday favors. Scrapbook lover as I am, and since I will also be doing it for my inaanak (godchild), I gladly agreed to make it free of labor charge.

Since I only have a short period of time to finish the 30 scrapbooks, I decided to just make 6 cover designs (5 scrapbooks each design) and decorate only the first page with a picture of the birthday mermaid. It’s actually good so the guests can just fill the remaining pages with their own mermaid memories.

I really had a great time doing it. And I am so proud of myself to finish it in just few days. Here are the pictures of mini mermaid memories scrapbooks…













I even had one of the scrapbooks for myself and immediately filled the remaining pages when I got home. I included in the pages the pictures taken during the birthday party in Cabanatuan City and some of our pictures taken in Baguio City (I will post some other time our unplanned trip from Cabanatuan to Baguio! :)).

The 1st Birthday Hat…

This is one of my surprise birthday gift actually. I got so inspired of the finished scrapbooks that I came up of the idea of “why not do a birthday hat for the birthday girl as well!”

What i did was simply print a birthday hat template from the internet and traced in on my designed cardboard paper. Afterwards, I decorated it with a little mermaid theme using my available materials. Then that’s it!


Oh yes before I forgot, I also made the table names. They were last minute request and again I wasn’t able to say no.


That’s all friends! Hope you liked it too.


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2 thoughts on “Mini Mermaid Memories Scrapbook and Little Mermaid Birthday Hat”

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you find my blog helpful. Most of the time we really need to DIY things. Not just to save on costs but more on the pride in doing something by ourselves – the creativity, the resourcefulness and the hidden artist in us. And most especially, for moms like you, the joy in seeing your kids happy with your work, even how simple it is.


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