My Little One’s Birth Story

Today, I am going to share my little one’s unexpected birth story. I am breastfeeding my 13-day old little one while I am typing this post at the same time, so it may take me for a while.

38 weeks – On June 30, we visited my OB for our checkup. She did an I.E. (internal/vaginal examination) on me for the second time (the first time was on my 37th week visit and my cervix was not yet open at that time). According to her, my cervix was already effaced yet I was still 1 cm dilated. She told me to observe if I feel any contractions and if there are any blood or water discharge. She also advised me to do more walking since my maternity leave will start at that week already.

On July 4, we visited again my doctor. She made another I.E. and my cervix was still 1 cm dilated. She said that if there is still no sign of labor during the week, she will have to induce me the following week (the whole time we were preparing for a normal vaginal delivery birth). She gave me in advance a request for a biophysical scan profile (she wanted to be sure that my water level is still within the normal range) , but she smilingly said that I may not need it anyway.

Throughout the week, I’ve done a lot of walking, ate dates, talked to my little one on my tummy and prayed to God. But still, no signs of labor. I started to feel worried for I do not want to be induced, but I kept on my faith.

39 week – On July 9 I took a biophysical scan profile and there we found out that little one’s amniotic fluid went down to 6.1 (which is low-normal range) and that his weight increased to 3.8 kilos. The OB who did the ultrasound suggested that we immediately see my OB (she even asked for my OB’s contact number and called her),

Right there and then, we went to the hospital to see my doctor. Unfortunately she already left so we just contacted her. I told her of the result of the biophysical scan profile and she told me to head straight to the E.R. (emergency room). She said that given the result, she have no choice but to induce me (we will still try our best for the normal vaginal delivery).

So we went to the E.R. and an OB (on duty) did an I.E. on me. Still 1 cm and no sign of labor. And so I was induced hoping that my 1 cm dilation will improve. From the E.R., I was brought to the labor room to do some tests to check on the baby. Then later on I was brought to my room to wait for my labor. The nurse kept on checking on me every hour to ask if I already had contractions. I said I felt little contractions but not painful. Later in the evening, my doctor checked on me and did an I.E. Still i cm in my frustration. She gave me 18 hours (from the time I was induced) to wait for any improvements, otherwise I will deliver little one thru cesarean section (whether I like it or not) to spare him from more risks.

July 10, 2018 – Still 1 cm dilated, the nurse told me that I will be brought to the delivery room for a CS by 1:00 pm if there is still no improvement. So we already settled and prepared ourselves for the CS delivery since I’m still 1 cm dilated at 10:00 am. I braved myself having in mind that baby’s safety is what matters most than my ideals of having a normal vaginal delivery.

Past 1:00 pm I was brought to the delivery room. I was still induced at that time, hoping for improvement at the last minute, but still it failed. So past 2:00 pm, preparations started for my CS delivery. I was asked by my doctor if I want a classical cut or the bikini cut. Since the whole time I thought I will have a normal vaginal delivery, I wasn’t able to discuss with my doctor anything about CS delivery nor did I read anything about it. I wasn’t able to decide properly on what cut I prefer (and being in that situation where I’m about to be injected with anesthesia, it’s the last thing I had in mind), so my doctor was the one who decided for the bikini cut. Lesson learned: you still have to prepare yourself for a CS delivery and know everything about it even if you think you will have a normal vaginal delivery.

Then the last thing I remembered, I was injected with the anesthesia then I woke up with the nurse beside me holding the baby. I made a glance at my little one before he was taken into the NICU (Nursery Intensive Care Unit). Then later on while waiting for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off (still in the delivery room), the nurse brought my little one beside me so I can breastfeed him. I felt so relieved, happy and grateful seeing my baby and knowing he is fine. God is really great! Sometimes things happen beyond what we expected, planned and controlled, but if we always trust in Him, God will always do His miracles.

Our healthy, handsome little baby was born thru CS on July 10, 2018 at 3:06 in the afternoon, weighing 3.55 kilos. He is indeed our God answered prayer and amazing miracle!


Welcome to the world our baby, Michael Isaiah! 🙂 Mommy and daddy loves you sooo much!!!



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Two Reasons Why I Decided to Continue Blogging

Its been more than a year since the last time I post a blog in here. And for that more than a year, a lot of things happened which I thought blogging as the least in my list. First, I got so busy with my work that I felt blogging will just add to my busy schedule. Second, my busy schedule just got me lazy to even think of what to post. And lastly, my lost pregnancy mid last year discouraged me a lot that I no longer find reason to blog. But as we all know, God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may not understand His wisdom but we just have to trust His holy will.

My first pregnancy felt like a dream come true, at least for a while. We learned I was pregnant one day then few days later the baby was gone. I can still remember how I cried out on my hospital bed as I wait for my doctor to perform D&C. I cannot understand why it has to happen that way. We waited for a long time for that baby. But sometimes you really just don’t need to understand everything. You just have to trust. Amidst my mourning I believed and trusted that God has a better plan. I know that one day He will finally grant our prayers of having a baby. we just have to be more patient. And so it happened!

Yes I got pregnant months after the miscarriage! And the good news came the very unexpected way. I was in a province that time doing an audit when I saw that long awaited two red lines. I was in a mixed emotions – happy and excited yet scared and worried. I am in a travel and God knows I can no longer bear another loss in case something bad happens. But God works in mysterious ways and nothing is impossible to Him!

And now I am in the longest week of my life – waiting for our beloved baby to finally come out! Every now and then we talk to him and tell him how excited we are to see and hold him in our arms – how we love him so much. And as I am waiting for the final moment, I asked myself, “what is the best way to tell my little one how I cherished every single moment with him since day 1?” And so I decided to continue this blog!

First and foremost, I want to document my journey of motherhood. I want for my son to see and read one day how is he growing up and how much we treasure every moment with him. This will serve as my mommy diary where he can read over and over again. I know one day, he will appreciate  this and know that he is a special gift to us from God.

And lastly, I want to share my motherhood experiences and inspire others. I know that I will not be the most perfect mother in the world. I will not be expert on anything, in fact I know a have so much more to learn especially in this thing called motherhood. But I want that somehow, in my little experiences – may it be success or failures – as I journey the world of motherhood, I may share and inspire others especially those moms who are also new in this journey. I hope that even in this simple way, I can inspire other moms or moms-to-be and at the same time, learn from my own mistakes and from their experiences too.

So there, welcome again to this blog and join me as I explore the best adventure of my lifetime!


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