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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my humble corner! I think it’s about time I update this “About Me” page.

I started this blog to actually document my BIG DAY then. I want to share through posting in here my preparations, my DIYs, my suppliers and my actual I DO. I named this blog “I Love Regular Sunday” in reference to my hubby’s name which I now proudly use. Initially I thought this blog will end after posting my wedding day. I never thought then that I will be loving to continue this blog.

From my wedding preps, I decided to continue blogging by posting my travel experiences, my love for DIYs, events, my homemade food experiments and the restaurants we dine in, my prayers and thoughts and just anything in between. Also, I want to post here my journey as a wife and a mother (in God’s willing).

I still consider myself new to blogging. I’m not even very familiar with the menus and other functions. I’m still in the stage of experimenting and learning. So please bear with me.

a little background…

My real name is Michelle. I love poems, music, books and movies. I love to collect stuff, scrapbooking and DIYs which I will share with you here along the way. I also love to cook which I think runs in the family – both sides. I’m an accountant/auditor by profession but a cook and arts and crafts wannabe by passion. I also love to travel to explore the beauty and wonders of the world and learn its different cultures and languages.

a little more background…

I was born in Pasay City but raised during my childhood in Maasin City, Southern Leyte. Both my parents then were Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) so me and my younger sister were kind of NPA (no permanent address). One year we live and study here the next year there. That was until my mother went back for good.

From Maasin we transferred to Surigao City, where I finished my high school and college. I studied in San Nicolas College which later became Saint Paul University Surigao and where I met my best of friends. I graduated Bachelors of Science in Accountancy  in the same school.

After graduating college, I worked in a local hotel in Surigao until I decided to take my CPA exams here in Manila. Unfortunately I fail the first time I took the exams. I was literally brokenhearted that time – I failed the exam and I lost my first boyfriend at the same time during my birthday. But then I told myself “what good it will bring if I keep on crying over spilled milk?” So I looked for another job and continue living. I promised myself that I will take another exams and passed before I age 25.

So to cut the story short, I landed my next job in a real estate company. It was a low paying job but I gained a lot of friends and learn more work experiences. And that’s more than enough for me. I took my another chance in love but failed the second time. And this time more painfully since I felt betrayed by a friend. But again, the world will not stop moving just because of another heartbreak!

I decided to fulfill my promise to take another exams. And this time, I stood up winning. I passed the exams days before my 25th birthday. What a triumphant pay back after two heartbreaks! And not just winning my license, I also gain few more good friends. And what’s the most rewarding of all? I also met the real love of my life. God really has His perfect timing!

Later, I joined the bureaucracy. I’ve been to more ups and downs but I won’t be facing it alone now. I have struggles at work, still enduring the long wait to have a baby and face everyday dilemmas. But I know that just like as always, God’s timing is always perfect!

So there you go. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and patiently reading this! I hope you come back often and get inspired somehow with my posts. God bless you!



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