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Bag of Beans and its Charms

I’ve been too many times in Tagaytay but I never had the chance going to Bag of Beans. OK my fault! I know its one of the “must go to” in Tagaytay but I ignored the calling cause I thought its just one of those usual coffee shop. Besides I thought its just a small cafe since it looks small every time we passed by it along the highway. Little did I know how awesome it is inside!

Just last month, my friends stayed overnight at home and we all agreed to go to Tagaytay the following morning. And so thank God Bag of Beans is one of the lucky point of destination! Otherwise I will never discover its charms.

Since we had our lunch on other restaurant overlooking the Taal Lake, we just hangout at the Bag of Beans (Main) for coffee afterwards. I was surprised it has a wide parking lot at the back. And I was even more mesmerized upon entering inside. It’s as if I was taken into a mystical garden with rustic interior design. My eyes are really like “Woooowwwww! How on earth I chose not to come here before? Should have I known!”

Source: Bag of Beans

Going back, without exaggeration, I was really amazed by the charms and beauty of the place. Waiting area pa lang panalo na! Just imagine having your cup of coffee/tea here with the cool breeze of Tagaytay…just magical! I really love the concept of every corner. I wish I can own the kind of restaurant or cafe like this someday!

Source: Bag of Beans

So after we entertained by the staff and asked to stay in the waiting area, we grab the moment to take pictures and selfies.

Mahal can we make our living room like this? 🙂 


The madam with her aliping sagigilid wearing “papayat din ako” t-shirt …

take one…two..whatever…
can’t get over with the waiting area…

After a while, we were escorted to our table and took our orders.

What we ordered?

  1. Hawaiian Pizza (P450)
  2. Blueberry Cheesecake (P160)
  3. Barako Coffee Regular (P105)
  4. Caramel Machiatto (P130)
  5. Iced Coffee Mocha (P135)
  6. Mocha Frappe (P135)
  7. Cookies Choco Banana Frost (P170)
  8. Choco Milk Shake (P170)
picture picture while waiting for the order….
our selfie share…
one more selfie…

I don’t have much pictures with the food cause we became excited to taste our orders.

my Cookies Choco Banana Frost
Hawaiian Pizza…yum!

My verdict?:

Place – ♥♥♥♥♥

Menu – ♥♥♥♥♥

Service – ♥♥♥♥ (the service is a little slow but maybe because of plenty customers…)

But still…Bag of Beans is really worth the come back!


My takeout souvenir…

Have you been to Bag of Beans? Feel free to share your insights!

For those who are yet to visit:

Bag of Beans Café and Restaurant Inc. “Main Branch”

115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, 4120

Tel No.: 046-4134356/046-4132724/046-4130026

Cel No.: 0922-8818265

Bag of Beans Café and Restaurant Inc. “Athena Branch”

Aguinaldo Highway Silang Junction East, Tagaytay City, 4120

Tel No.:  046-4134522

Bag of Beans Bed and Breakfast “D’ Lodge”

Aguinaldo Highway Silang Junction East, Tagaytay City 4120

Tel No. 046-413-0490

Bag of Beans Café and Restaurant, Inc. “Charito Branch”

150 Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City

Tel No.: 046-483-1279/046-413-6459

Bag of Beans Café and Restaurant, Inc. “West Lake Branch”

Aguinaldo Highway, Twinlakes Shopping Village,

Dayap Itaas Laurel, Batangas

Tel No.: 046-4604146

Bag of Beans Website 



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How to Make Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce Without Nuts

Hello dear friends! We have plenty of basil plants just outside our window. And guess what? They’re much ready for harvest and so I decided to make my Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce for that bunch of Sweet and Thai Basil last weekend. I know that most Pesto calls for Sweet Basil or just Thai Basil. But since I can’t afford to waste any of them, I decided to just combine both. After all they were both basil and I can’t simply get enough of their sweet and soothing smell. I was also feeling inspired that I made my pesto the traditional way that morning. Meaning, I used the pestle and mortar instead of a food processor. And lastly, since I don’t have available pine nuts or any nuts for that matter, I decided to just omit that ingredient in my pesto sauce. I should say that it’s also great for those people who have nut allergies.

So here we go…..introducing my……. Continue reading How to Make Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce Without Nuts

How to Make Basic French Toast and French Toast Roll-Ups

Hi everyone! Today, I will share with you one (technically two) of my week-end breakfast recipes – Basic French Toast and French Toast Roll-Ups. These can be made and joyfully eaten anytime of the day, but since we need to go to work very early considering the heavy traffic we had in Metro Manila, so I don’t have the luxury to cook this kind of breakfast during weekdays. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your ingredients and start making these two yummy and tummy-filling breakfast. These are also great as snacks for everyone in the family, especially for kids. So easy and so delicious that you will surely be rewarded with hugs and kisses.


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Sit Back and Relax: We’re in Lilom Resort and Gallery Café!

I was just reading the great reviews a month ago, and finally I have now my own share of experience of what it’s like to feel the peacefulness and wonders of nature around Lilom Resort. Yes, we booked a room too in Lilom just last weekend! What’s the reason? – Hmmm…just to escape the stressful city life (including work and most especially the nearly hopeless traffic in the metro) even just for a while. And well of course, to work for our long awaited baby project, in God’s willing. And what I can say of the place? It’s beyond great and wonderful! Whatever exact word it is…I don’t know!


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Feel Good at Subi-Monte Cafe

I’ve been eyeing to dine there every time hubby and I passed by this eye catching café.  I even search it to the internet. And what I read just add to my curiosity. It says that Subi-Monte are Chabakano words which means “akyat-bundok” (climb-mountain) and that Subi-Monte is originally a group of mountaineers from Cavite City that started to climb mountains in 2004 and later invested in a food business. I told hubby what I found out (sort of parinig ba hehehe).  And so to cut the story short…he brought me there during our monthsary as bf/gf (we still celebrate it para maraming reasons to be happy hehehe). Continue reading Feel Good at Subi-Monte Cafe

90 DAYS TO GO: Sharing E-Session Moments

It’s 90 days to go before the  BIG DAY and we’re getting more excited as we plan the details!.. But sometimes even how much we plan things to be perfect, we really need to be ready for some unexpected things that come along the way. These “some unexpected things” may turn to be a “blessing in disguise”, if handled gracefully and patiently, or may turn you to be a bridezilla.

And speaking of plans that did not come as really planned..our prenup photo shoot is my share.. 🙂

Weeks before the schedule, we already planned what props to do and bring, the costume and accessories, the inspiration or the theme. For the props, I will order a personalized Coke (with our names written), bring 10 pieces of colorful and yummy cupcakes and will DIY the save the date props.

So here’s what happened during our e-session day!

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Early Christmas Celebration With Housemates @ Dads World Buffet

We just had our early Christmas Party at Dads World Buffet in Ermita, Manila Last Saturday!


Since we can’t celebrate Christmas together at home, my housemates and I decided to have an early Christmas celebration. We initially planned to celebrate it for dinner at Vikings or Buffet 101, however both are already fully booked and so we ended up having a reservation at Dads World Buffet in Ermita, Manila.

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Wedding Details and Updates

Church: Nuestra Señora de Guia (Ermita Church)
Reception Venue and Caterer: Ibarra’s Garden
Photo and Video: Studio 1
Coordinator: Simply Sparkle
Emcee: Senci Lagrama
Gown: Len and Bernie
Invitation: Dianne Tan
Make-up Artist: Mary Ann Martinez
Flowers: No final supplier but planning to call Clieo’s Flowers
Color Motif: Lime Green, Yellow and Blue
Theme: Music, Books and Movies