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Early Christmas Greetings

Hi there! It’s been almost a month since the last time I post in here. It’s not that I don’t want to or I’m in a lazy mode the past weeks, but because I got so busy with our audit works. We’ve been auditing from one office to another that I don’t had the chance to even think of what to post. I’m not done with the so-called busy weeks yet, but right at this moment, I really felt that I have to pause and write something other than the audit reports. All I hear right now are the loud conversations and yells of people on their everlasting rally in front of the building that I can concentrate no more with my reports. 😦 I know that I have no choice but to focus hard amidst all the noise because its my responsibility to deliver an output no matter what the circumstances are. But right now is really one of those moments that my brain can’t seem to analyze data in the middle of endless commotion. Pardon me for that for I definitely need a break even for an hour or so! So here I am in my comfort corner. 

Since I cannot think much of what really to post, I just want to express my early Christmas Greetings for everyone. After all it’s 23 days before the Christmas day! I may not be the very first person to post a Christmas Greetings this season, but I want everyone to know that despite all the things that has happened we all deserve to have a joyful and meaningful Merry Christmas. Not for anything, but because of the most important thing – it’s Jesus’ birthday! So for all mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, relatives, friends, colleagues, workers, travelers, far from home, already found their home and those who are still searching a home…Merry Christmas! I pray for all the blessings of peace, hope, forgiveness, joy, prosperity and God’s love be in everyone this Christmas and for a lifetime.



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