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How to Make Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce Without Nuts

Hello dear friends! We have plenty of basil plants just outside our window. And guess what? They’re much ready for harvest and so I decided to make my Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce for that bunch of Sweet and Thai Basil last weekend. I know that most Pesto calls for Sweet Basil or just Thai Basil. But since I can’t afford to waste any of them, I decided to just combine both. After all they were both basil and I can’t simply get enough of their sweet and soothing smell. I was also feeling inspired that I made my pesto the traditional way that morning. Meaning, I used the pestle and mortar instead of a food processor. And lastly, since I don’t have available pine nuts or any nuts for that matter, I decided to just omit that ingredient in my pesto sauce. I should say that it’s also great for those people who have nut allergies.

So here we go…..introducing my……. Continue reading How to Make Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce Without Nuts

Feel Good at Subi-Monte Cafe

I’ve been eyeing to dine there every time hubby and I passed by this eye catching café.  I even search it to the internet. And what I read just add to my curiosity. It says that Subi-Monte are Chabakano words which means “akyat-bundok” (climb-mountain) and that Subi-Monte is originally a group of mountaineers from Cavite City that started to climb mountains in 2004 and later invested in a food business. I told hubby what I found out (sort of parinig ba hehehe).  And so to cut the story short…he brought me there during our monthsary as bf/gf (we still celebrate it para maraming reasons to be happy hehehe). Continue reading Feel Good at Subi-Monte Cafe